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Use Search Tools Chrome Extensions and Everything You Need is Just in One Place

Posted by [email protected] on Comments comments (15) of extensions surge the Chrome store and you can find some tools that will optimize your search and browsing experience. Each of these tools has several features to offer and it is up to you which one you will consider. Here are three of the search tool Chrome extensions that you may have a look at and see which one you will use for your next online search.

Get the latest news each time you open a new tab when you add Chrome extension in your browser. Once you are redirected to the SERP, you can already search for relevant topics through the search box or you can simply click a category that you are interested in. It empowers your search by giving high-value organic search results for every category that matches your query. Make use of a new way to quickly and easily get results that you need.

•CoolSearches New Tab
CoolSearches New Tab is yet another similar search tool and it is the more improved version of the two mentioned above. Open a new tab to see additional features that the tool has to offer along with more design options and instant access to different content categories. You can make your search a lot easier, faster, and more meaningful using the tool so why not take advantage of Bookmarks, Notes, and Shortcuts? This is more appealing according to most users because of its colors while it also provides an easier and more fun experience.

Similar to the first search tool, when the RunQuestRun Chrome extension is added to your browser, also redirects you to the website when you open a new tab. However, more features and options are added, including Y Search and News search for news searching, Search Nearby for finding different places from a certain point, Currency Converter, Wikipedia Search, Weather, and Translator. Now you have extra content to check out aside from those that the usual categories will yield when you do your search.


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From the the very first time computers were created until today’s more contemporary age, various things have arguably improved. Included in this advancement of features are the many types of files and software in today’s computer era. One of the most utilized file type is the portable document format which is more known as the acronym PDF. PDFs are most often linked to the computer software company Adobe Inc., which is the developer of the format. However, it is now currently a freeware that is independent from any associated programs. When it comes to other file extensions, as a rule, one would have to download a specific program in order to launch it. On the other hand, PDFs can be opened even on a random web browser and users can still enjoy basic features like viewing, zooming, and printing.

Using pdf magic pro has a number of benefits. As aforementioned, it is a free software that can be opened in various programs. It is also a secure file type that has various levels of protection available and the content in a PDF is not easily extractable. PDFs have format integrity which directly lead to its content security. PDFs display the exact same content even up to the very last indentation from the first moment it was created and even if it is transferred infinitely. These are some of the explanation why many people prefer PDFs. Due to this, a lot of third party developers sought to create programs that focus on PDFs.

However, not all programs are made equally. PDF Magic File Converter is one of the programs that fully incorporated the usage of PDFs though it has consistently undertaken the task of distinguishing itself from its peers. It was VPP Technologies, a communication and advertising company, that designed the PDF Magic File Converter. The appearance of PDF Magic File Converter is that it directly tackles the problems that often exist in other PDF file converters.

Some of these problems include the inability to convert multiple files, the limited number of supported files for PDF conversion, the accessibility to your downloaded file, and the general layout of the converter. These drawbacks have been effectively addressed by PDF Magic File Converter. First and foremost, users of PDF Magic File Converter can convert limitless numbers of files. Additionally, there are over 30 file types that can be converted and once the files have been converted, it is automatically downloaded and opened. Lastly, PDF Magic File Converter is a no-fuss Chrome extension that has a very minimalist layout where things are all easy to see and easy to distinguish.

PDF Magic File Converter is your go-to handy and easy to use program that adapts to its customers’ needs.